Mostafa Salameh is one of only 13 people to ever climb the Seven Summits and conquer the South Pole and the North Pole - known as the ‘Explorers Grand Slam.’ Born in Kuwait to Palestinian refugee parents (25 June, 1970), it was never Mostafa’s intention to become a climber. His mountaineering journey began in 2004 following a vivid dream with a divine intervention. After dreaming that he was reciting the call to prayer from the world’s highest peak, a persistent Mostafa followed his calling and became the first Jordanian to climb Mount Everest in 2008. That was also the year King Abdullah II of Jordan Knighted Mostafa.

Today, he is an Explorer, Inspirational Speaker, Fundraiser and Author -- In March 2016, Mostafa published his first book titled ‘Dreams of a Refugee’ with Bloomsbury Publishing. Nowadays, Dublin-based Mostafa combines his sporting career with speaking at various festivals and events. A large part of his time is passionately invested in inspiring and motivating children, youths and adults into realizing their own dreams in the same way he has.