Mostafa Salameh is living proof that there is no such thing as an impossible dream. He had an unexpected dream one night, that he climbed Mount Everest. His friends and family thought he was joking when he announced that indeed, this is what he will do.

He quit smoking, started training, and discovered the "7 Summits" challenge, where ambitious climbers succeeded in climbing the highest peak on every continent. After hard work, training and selling his house and car to afford the trip, his dream came true: On May 25th, 2008, Mostafa realized his dream as he stood on the highest mountain in the world, becoming the first Jordanian to ever climb Mount Everest.  

8 years from when he had the dream which awakened him to his destiny, Mostafa has completed the "7 Summits Challenge" on November 16, 2012, not only becoming the first Jordanian to do so, but also one of approximately 250 people in the world to have succeeded in conquering the highest peak on every continent.


Climbing mountains is not the only passion Mostafa holds dear to his heart; Mostafa is determined to serve as an inspirational role model for youth that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. He also works on raising awareness for cancer, working with the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) with patient activities and in fundraising.  He recently launched the “From the Lowest Point to the Highest Point for Cancer” initiative, leading a group of 20 individuals safely up to and back down from Everest Base Camp in April of 2013 raising $600,000 to KHCC. In February 2014 Salameh will be taking another group of Jordanian to Kilimanjaro to fundraise one million dollars to KHCC.

Now at a young age of 43, Mostafa's dream continues: His next goal is to conquer the North and South Poles, becoming 1 in approximately 30 people in the world, as well as the first Jordanian, to have completed the "7 Summits" and both poles.

 \With the great support of Umniah Jordan, Toyota Jordan and Landmark Amman Mostafa will conquer the North Pole in April 2014.


Mostafa Salameh Credentials & Achievements


-       B.A. Hotel Management - Hotel Management College Amman (1992)

-       B.A. International Hospitality & Tourism Management - Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh (2001)

-       Msc. Outdoor Educations Studies, Edinburgh University (2012)




-        June 2004: Highest point in North America, "Mount McKinley/Denali" (20,320 ft)

-        January 2005 - Highest point in Antarctica "Vinson Massif" (16,050 ft)

-        March 2005 - First attempt at "Mount Everest" (reached 23,000 ft); uncompleted due to stomach ulcer

-        September 2005 - Highest point in East Europe "Russian/Elbrus" (18,510 ft)

-        July 2006 - Climbed the highest point In West Europe ( Mont Blanc - France)

-        March 2007 - 2nd attempt at Everest ... uncompleted due to chest infection

-        July 2007 - Climbed the highest point in Africa (Kilimanjaro - 19,331)

-        February 2008 - Climbed the highest point in South America (Aconcagua 22,841 feet)

-     May 25th 2008 @ 6.50 am- Climbed the highest point in the world (Mount Everest 29,500) - Jordan Independence day

-        November 16, 2012 – Climbed the highest point in the Australia/Oceana continent, "Carstenz Pyramid" (4,884 metres / 16,023 feet)

-     April 21, 2014 - Reached the North Pole @ 10.30am





-       Knighted by King Abdullah of Jordan (October 6th 2008) 


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