After seven remarkable climbs, hundreds of inspirational speeches, and millions raised through charitable initiatives...

Mostafa told his story in writing. His book, Dreams of a Refugee, takes an emotional and close-to-the-heart approach in telling Mostafa’s story from zero-to-hero. While Mostafa inspires refugees to pursue their dreams, he invites hosting countries to be more human when dealing with refugees administrative issues such as residence permits or college enrollment. A refugee is a victim and it seems as if Mostafa is calling upon all parties to adopt responsible attitudes.

English 2016

Arabic 2017

The critically acclaimed book was published by Bloomsbury Publishing in March, 2016. The translation was published by Jabal Amman Publishers by arrangement with Bloomsbury Publishing

Mostafa Salameh’s story should be read for its larger message on the determination necessary to face real challenges and make a change for the better.
— His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan
An extraordinary story of faith, bravery and perseverance. Mostafa Salameh, the first Muslim to climb the Seven Summits and reach both Poles, claims each of us has an Everest within us; this book persuades us we can all achieve our goals if we have the courage to begin trying.
— Ranulph Fiennes, explorer, fundraiser, author and public speaker

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