Every once in a while, life will deliver an eye-opening message; Mostafa Salameh’s story is one of them. We invite you to take a journey into his world, and to take the first step to start your own journey today. 


Whether as a motivational, keynote, or after-dinner speech, Mostafa takes his audiences on a fantastical journey, focusing on his modest beginnings, trials and tribulations, and success conquering the Seven Summits of the World and beyond. Highlighted messages include making it from nothing, embracing failure as a component of success, the magic of teamwork, the importance of hard work and commitment, decision-making as a leader under extreme pressure, and more. 


The talk

This is where the real magic happens with topics ranging from adventure, to refugees, to Islam, to following the dream. Learn more about what it takes to be a success and learn the art of leadership through Mostafa’s:

  1. “10 Ways To Achieve Your Dreams”
  2. “Conquering The Everest Within”
  3. “Finding Your Greatness & Achieving Success”
  4. “Top 8 Mountaineering Essentials In Life” 

What you will learn

How To Be A Leader: learn how to find a cause, embrace inner strengths, and discover ways to make goals become a reality. Audiences will additionally learn how to build confidence, shatter existing and conceived barriers, and master the art of focus. 

The Importance Of Being A Team Player: teamwork is a skill and it is essential for leaders to know when and how to be a team player. Collaborative efforts, group-oriented thinking, and utilizing skills and experiences offered by one’s peers make for a more successful journey. 

How To Create A Successful Plan: Mostafa will share his own plan and why his strategies worked for him in the past and continue to work for him today. All tips, secrets, and recommendations given are practical, straightforward, and meticulously thought of. Mostafa additionally shares insight on how to react and plan in the face of adversity.  

How To Achieve Flow: Learn about the power of flow – the energy that makes you focus on your goal, overcome your fears, and realize that you are part of a bigger picture. Mostafa will help you identify the psychological, social, environmental, and creative flow triggers to achieve your goals. He will guide you on how to hone in on your inner strengths by embracing risks, gaining a sense of control, and listening to your inner voice. 

Effective Communication Techniques: the importance of articulating thoughts and ideas and effectively presenting them are often overlooked when devising a strategy. However, effective communication is the only way to gain support, to instil faith in an audience, and to encourage others to propagate a message. Mostafa advises listeners on how to master the art of negotiation and persuasion, and how to make a lasting impact on any audience. 

Experience Personal Growth: drive, attention, and complete determination are the stepping stones to success. Mostafa explains how to achieve absolute focus by sticking to a centered regime and how to support plans by investing in physical and mental strength. 

Fear Is Good: Without fear, most individuals would never leave the comfort of their routines. Mostafa shares insight on this theory in addition to why and how fear offers individuals an edge and a reason to fight back.