The Free Press Journal: Book review

Dreams of a Refugee: From Middle East to Mount Everest is an inspiring autobiography of a Jordanian British mountaineer Mostafa Salameh. Born to Palestinian refugees, the book is his journey from the Amman New Camp, Jordan to becoming the first Muslim to climb the Seven Summits, including Mount Everest and the North and the South Pole.Mostafa Salameh’s climbs are unique, in the preface (and at several occasions in the book) he strongly asserts that climbing is not a personal passion, he climbs for a cause; in the hope of a better world.

Daily Record: Adopted Scot and first muslim ever to reach South Pole

IT’S a long way from home but the South Pole became a meeting point for two record breaking Scottish adventurers .

Adopted Scot Mostafa Salameh, a former refugee , was the first Arab and first Muslim ever to reach the extreme south of the planet, after 54 days in Antarctica and 38 days skiing.

And while he staked his claim he bumped into another polar record breaker – Luke Robertson, who made it to the pole unaided despite previously suffering a brain tumour and having a pacemaker fitted.

Jordan Times: Salameh hoists Jordanian flag

AMMAN — Jordanian mountaineer Mostafa Salameh on Saturday registered a new achievement by reaching the South Pole within 38 days. Salameh spent 50 days in Antarctica during which he crossed 985 kilometres in very cold weather conditions, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

He also hoisted the Jordanian flag and the Hashemite banner on the farthest point in the southern hemisphere, becoming the first Arab to come this far.