Mostafa has given hundreds of inspirational speeches worldwide over the past several years. A born leader, his mission is to help ambitious individuals “climb their own Everest.”

Coming from humble beginnings, Mostafa’s audiences can easily relate to him, while his positive persona and optimistic character make him one of the most sought-after speakers in the business. His passionate speeches focus on team building, leadership and facing personal fears.

Mostafa finds it his responsibility to bridge the gap between cultures by promoting the importance of multicultural and religious coexistence, thus leading to more peaceful and tolerant societies in these challenging times.

My vision is to enable people with dreams to pursue them with passion, achieve them with persistence and together, celebrate their accomplishments and successes.

Thousands of people left Mostafa’s speeches ready to embark on their new journeys.
Here’s what they had to say in their own words:

Our students need Arab role models to inspire them to greater heights and more diverse goals that they presently know exists for them. They need to find their creativity and have their imagination let loose by the experiences of someone they can identify with and who has seen the world from a perspective few of us have ever seen. They need to know that they are not limited by video games and idolised football stars; to know that, while the internet is a valuable thing, it is not the reason but merely a tool. In short, our students need to know that dreams are worthwhile because they are attainable and that they in turn can be role models for others. We believe that Mr. Salameh is utterly qualified to provide our students with an experience that would be one of those moments that could change the course of a life.
— Wesgreen International School, Sharjah - UAE
Mostafa truly inspired the young leaders of Mosaic’s International Leadership Programme. He spoke from the heart about his desire to make a difference and his personal quest to make his dreams a reality. A humble and captivating speaker, we were honoured to have Mostafa attend.
— Debra Hay, Head of International, Mosaic, London - UK
Mostafa gave one of the best talk during one of FIKR10 conference sessions “FIKR & AFKAR” which was held in Dubai in December2011. He inspired the audience and motivated the youth who conducted a talkeoke session titled “what is your Everest?” and which took place directly after his talk. Keep the good spirit.
— Zeina Karame, Arab Thought Foundation, Beirut - Lebanon
Mostafa presented a spellbinding and awe-inspiring account of his adventures in a way that inspired and motivated my students. He is awesome, engaging and unique.
— Mr. Ben Stewart, Currie High School, Edinburgh - Scotland
It was a great pleasure to meet Mr. Mostafa Salameh. He can be an idol for every ambitious person. And he is my idol at the moment. I took his advice into consideration, they made my life better and i am really improving day after day. My grades are great and i am allowed to get back to the gym because of that. I woke up daily looking at the mirror and saying “I will reach my goal”. I am also drinking daily in the morning ‘water, honey, and salt’ which makes my whole day and let me feel healthy. This man just directed me to my Everest!
— Youssef Faour - workshop with Welfare Association, Beirut - Lebanon

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