Reach The Summit

Just as in mountaineering, the hospitality industry aims to reach the top. There are many mountains to overcome to be successful at this; first there is the dream, then there is exceeding expectations, overcoming obstacles, paying attention to detail and always being equipped with knowledge – this alone is not enough and if you compromise on one you may not achieve your goal of reaching the summit. As important as all of these are, it is just as vital to track your progress but not forgetting the essence of life itself so be sure to take some time to enjoy every minute of the journey. By joining this training session with acclaimed mountaineer Mostafa Salameh, your team will recognise: 

  • What single ingredient or combination of factors are standing in the way of them achieving an impeccable customer experience? 

  • What is the single most important element to unleash the hidden motivation they need to high perform? 

  • How to help them understand the vision of the company and achieve corporate goals for the organization while simultaneously living their best life possible and enjoying every minute in the service industry? 

  • What are the core skills they need to obtain to be successful in this business and meet leadership expectations? How can they also “reach the top”? 

This and more are a unique opportunity to engage one of the world’s leading explorers, Mostafa Salameh. This passionate climber, only 1 of 16 people in the world to have completed the Grand Slam of mountaineering and polar adventure and as an ex-hotelier himself, knows what it takes to conquer the world’s highest summits and polar extremes. An engaging public speaker & trainer, Mostafa will deliver a unique perspective through an interactive training session tailored for any situation that will assist your team to realize the importance of time and task management, working professionally together and having the right mind set to solve problems “on the fly”, providing tips to help them polish their capabilities to communicate better with other departments, showing them how to master the art of negotiation and persuasion and teaching them how to make a lasting impact on any audience or group of customers. 

The above qualities and behaviours are all as much life savers in hotel industry as they are in climbing the highest mountains. 

During this training Mostafa will share his own plan and why his strategies worked for him and how they continue to work for him today. All tips, secrets, and recommendations given are practical, straightforward and meticulously practical. Mostafa also shares his insight on how to positively react and plan “on the go”, adapting to situations even in the face of adversity. 

Furthermore, he will share a real-life experience of mountaineering equipment and outfit, taking your team on a journey into the landscape of their wildest imagination to discover their own capabilities and their hidden potential to wow their customers and reach the ultimate summit.